Predictive Analytics with Cloud
based Big Data and Deep Learning

Applied Artificial Intelligence
in Computer Vision

IOT -Device development
and integration

Development of
connected devices

CloudM - Cloud | Mobile | IOT | e-Health development and integration

Turnkey Solutions for the cloud economy

Welcome to CloudM !

We are a Canadian company specializing in developing Big Data enabled Cloud powered systems that can autonomously learn from custom built deep learning networks.

We are researching and developing new generation of IoT sensors and self learning systems.

CloudM engineers, distributed, high availability, self healing and cloud vendor agnostic applications and appliances.

The systems we have developed deal with fast moving and large amount of machine data. We understand the challenges of developing M2M / IOT solutions

With our expertise across the  web of evolving smart technologies, we are poised for developing and delivering heterogeneous I.T solutions and out-of-box systems for our clients.


Areas Of Expertise

Artificial Intelligence We have in-house expertise in deep learning and computer vision. Combined with our cloud based Big Data handling expertise we are developing the next generation of health, security and defense applications
 Cloud Technologies  CloudM has core expertise in working with AWS technologies. We can assist in system architecture, development and porting to AWS. We also provide services in managing AWS deployment for our clients. We also develop and design vendor agnostic solutions.
Project Management and IT consulting Our expertise covers IoT, TeleMedicine, Data Analtics, Communication systems and SCADA. We can assist from the team setup phase to product delivery.
Overseas Human resources management CloudM has a vast resource pool of software engineers in Android, IOS, LAMP, WAMP, AWS, Hadoop, Spark, No-Sql, Docker, computer vision, AI, python, R, C++, C and several other fields.